Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

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Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue is based out of Calgary, Alberta.

Rescue efforts started through the Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club when people started contacting us with rabbits who were either no longer wanted, abandoned or abused, or worse.

Since then we have been taking in a limited number of rabbits & re-homing them with approperiate families while trying to educate people about proper rabbit care.

Our goal is to spread awareness about rabbits as pets & their needs, to both rabbit owners & people considering getting a rabbit. Right now, there is the misconception that rabbits are a 'disposable' pet & are generally unintelligent, uninteresting animals that are best left in a cage.

This is completely untrue.

Rabbits are trainable, affectionate & intelligent animals whom are capable of far more then people give them credit for.

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

If you find a Hare, leave it there!
If you find an injured hare, please contact either Calgary Wildlife Rehab or Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation.

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Donations: We accept unopened bags of Oxbow pellets, treats, hay. We also will accept xpen fences and unused fleece blankets.

For those wishing to donate to our emergency vet fund, pellets & hay or spay & neuter costs, we accept etransfers at
Donations can be made directly to our AAORR account a Calgary Avian Exotic Pet Clinic, 403-240-3577.

We are pleased to be partnered with Happy House Bunnies! A portion of sales will be donated to AAORR.

We purchase the majority of our supplies from Hop Online. Orders through them are always welcome and they deliver right to our door!

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Thank you for your support and helping us to continue to saving all these little lives.

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Our next Bunanza will be held in 2024!

Click for more info on Bunanza!