Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

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Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue

We do from time to time have people contact us through the Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club with a rabbit they no longer want or can properly care for. We do not agree to rehome all of them as we have very limited space & limited foster homes. We have however successfully been able to find new homes for aproximately 85+ rabbits.

We do encourage people to try every possible option before contacting us. However, we do not recommend listing them on kijiji for free as you have no idea where they may go or what might happen to them.

We also recommend if you're looking for a new family member to do your research before impulsively taking on a rabbit. Be aware of the possible vet costs, dietary needs, energy level of rabbits & the cage space they may require. You are welcome to contact us for more information on what's required in having a rabbit.

Please also be aware that any rabbit surrendered to AAORR then becomes the property of AAORR. You then give up all rights to the rabbit.

Another option is, if you are wanting to re-home your rabbit, you are welcome to send us the information for it & photos to post on our facebook page. We strongly suggest screening potential new owners thoroughly, as you want to insure your pet goes to a suitable new home.

If you wish to contact us, please e-mail us at